UV Filters

MB’s NEHA UV offers a complete range of ultraviolet water disinfection systems.

Of all available systems of water purification in the world today, the most COMPREHENSIVE, the most EFFECTIVE, the most RELIABLE and the SAFEST is the Ultraviolet (UV) system of water disinfection. Chlorination and other chemical disinfection techniques, once assumed to be safe and harmless, are now known to have long term damaging effects on the human body. There are no residues left by Ultraviolet Light System, whose effectiveness has been improved. Also MB’s NEHA is in top in list of water treatment companies in Chennai.

Our business is eliminating bacteria and viruses in water that cause damage to humans, production processes and the environment. We use highly efficient Ultraviolet Water Disinfection systems (sterilizers) to inactivate bacteria and viruses present in the system. We offer a wide range of ultraviolet water disinfection systems using advanced Teflon Tubing technology. This state-of-the-art technology overcomes all the disadvantages and limitations of traditional UV systems that use quartz sleeves or jackets to enclose UV lamps.

Whatever the quantity of water to be disinfected, our dedicated team of technicians can create custom-built systems, uniquely suited to your needs, your budget and your schedule.

We have different  models to suit the customer requirement. Some of our available models are

Product Model :

  • MB’s NEHA 50 LPH UV Model
  • MB’s NEHA 100 LPH UV Model
  • MB’s NEHA 250 LPH UV Model
  • MB’s NEHA 500 LPH UV Model
  • MB’s NEHA 1000 LPH UV Model
UV Filter